JISR assists clients in various ways:

  • Executive briefings as input in corporate strategy development and implementation
  • Advice on inclusive corporate strategy development, integrating market and non-market developments
  • Audit of the internal organisation to prepare for and facilitate international expansion
  • Analysis of market entry opportunities and risks, country update reports and event-driven monitoring
  • Advice on managing opportunities and risks resulting from political, regulatory or societal change
  • Studies on specific trade or investment issues and elaboration of feasible, short-term solutions with the competent authorities
  • Advice on professional handling of business-government relations, at national or international level
  • Representation of companies and NGOs with public authorities.
  • Development of specific public communication plans
  • Networking on behalf of companies in support of new trade initiatives, investment plans, or envisaged cooperation
  • Coaching in the above mentioned areas


JISR analysts and advisors have provided assistance to:

  • Middle Eastern companies operating in Europe or Russia
  • Companies from regions expanding to or operating in the Middle East
  • Non-government organizations

JISR is more than just a consultancy. It also fulfils the role of a think tank, to challenge received ideas and to develop more inclusive strategies. It helps to shape innovative corporate strategy, management and operations. JISR combines a holistic analysis of developments with specific operational expertise, to build sustainable corporate value in changing political and social environments.