JISR, which means bridge in Arabic, is an independent strategic advisory company focused on markets in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. It provides expert analysis on sociopolitical trends, risks and opportunities, as well as strategic advisory services.


Major sociopolitical shifts are reshaping the context of business interactions in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. In this changing context, our team of experts has successfully helped companies in the energy, minerals, aviation, shipping, insurance, construction and utilities sectors to achieve their objectives.

Our work for clients is customized; where necessary, our team focuses on a country, sector, company or transaction and the specific needs of our clients. We can also draw on a network of international experts. Our focus is on supporting sustainable business models and creating stakeholder value in the diverse communities from which markets emerged.

JISR is more than just a consultancy. It also fulfils the role of a think tank, to challenge received ideas and to develop more inclusive strategies. It helps to shape innovative corporate strategy, management and operations. JISR combines a holistic analysis of developments with specific operational expertise, to build sustainable corporate value in changing political and social environments.